Donnerstag, 13. September 2012

Airfix magazine - Ancient conversions

Today when checking what I have in my archive to show around I came over some photos from the old Airfix magazine. Being a nostalgic I simply like the stuff. Making conversions is something I still like to do and these are simply great when you think what was available in these days.

This evening I sorted "uniformplates" for ancient and medieval chinese in my archive and so I thought these ones must come on the blog today:-))

For those of you who don't want convert there are figures on the market for this subject too. Beside the well known Caesar sets (two new now) and the Italeri Chinese take a look at the 3D-models which are available for example from CW-toys

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  1. I recall quite a few of these articles appearing in the old 'Battle' Magazine that flourished in the mid-70s. In late 1978 it merged into 'Military Modelling', which was to retain a reasonably strong war gaming aspect for several years following.

    Although 'Ancients' weren't really my thing, the articles on conversions made interesting reading. Building up a DBA Roman 'Army' I converted a few figures to Roman cavalry, mounting them on Airfix Napoleonic Artillery horses, if memory serves (these guys are in a cupboard somewhere...).