Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Another 1809 battlefield in Austria - This time in flats

When we were on our tour to visit the Austrian museums and battlefields we also came through the
town of Ebelsberg. There is a nice little museum up the hill and there was a special exhibition for the 200th aniversary of the battle.

Between some other stuff they had this little diorama.


  1. I'd like to know a bit more about this one. What battle does it depict? Is this an incident from the Tyrolean resistance maybe? The uniforms are interesting, too. Brown clad 'French' light infantry, for example. Most interesting...

  2. Hi,

    it is the battle of Ebelsberg. It is east of Linz and was a delaying action of the Austrians on their retreat from Bavaria to Vienna.

    The unit itself are the Tirallieurs Corses. Take a look here to see some of the Benigni plates about them or simply search Google for images


  3. Thank you. I really know less about the early part of the 1809 campaign than I should. The Wikipedia article is a pretty good one, I think.