Dienstag, 25. September 2012

Borodino 1st part

And here we go.

The battle of Borodino, fought on the 7th September 1812 was so far the biggest battle in the Napoleonic wars. You know, I always want our dioramas in Scale 1:1. With around 250.000 figures this would have been a challenge:-)) So we decided to show one part of the battle - The charge of the Saxon Cuirassierbrigade who finally conquered the Rajewsky-redoubt in the center of the Russian line. This finally broke the Russians.

There is one big fault in the diorama. As usual we have much too less dead on the battlefield. Especially here we would have needed hundreds if not thousands of dead within and in front of the redoubt. That was simply not possible to do in the short time.

See here the two Saxon regiments of Garde du Corps and Zastrow. We had not space to bring the supporting Polish cuirassiers on the plate, not talking about the Westfalian Cuirassierbrigade on their flank.

 So what we are showing here are the Garde du Corps charging in the redoubt from the flank, while the Zastrow are taking on the Russian infantry which was formed in squares beside the redoubt. After we have established the diorama we have seen that we had some little space left which we used to show a Russian counterattack. The problem was we had no Russian cuirassiers with us. But Schmitty had some at home which was close by and we took these. The problem here was - as mostly when you buy painted figures from Ebay - that the uniform was totally wrong. So we used the first hours on Saturday morning to repaint these figures... See here Peter who had to do the job:-))))

In my last post I asked around who can send me photos from the project to have some showing me working too. Well, Alfred and Tom already responded, but the photos I got - hm....

Alfred working while Michael and me standing around, not even trying to look busy:-)))

But for my luck I got some others too

Ok, but now to the more important thing. How did it looked like? First part the Redoubt itself with the Russian artillery manning it. Photos from Tom Winterkamp, Alfred and Roland Umhey and myself (thanks to Schmitty who lent me his camera after my batteries broke down).

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  1. J'adore très beau travail, moi aussi je travaille sur un dioramas de la bataille de la Moskowa,en ce moment l'état-major de Napoléon sur deux cellules de 30cm x 30cm, première cellule Napoléon et les grenadiers à pieds de la garde. Dans le futur je commence la grande redoute et l'artillerie de la garde devant Napoléon, tout en continuant le village Semenoïskoe. A bientôt Christian