Samstag, 15. September 2012

I started my own shop!!!

Since years I paid sculptors and casters to make me figures I needed for my diorama projects or simply because I am interested in the subject. I tried to organise a few people to share the costs or simply paid it myself. Beside this I tried to sell the figures to other enthusiasts. Of course with this selling I wasn't able to cover the costs of all this figures.

So I decided to try it and open my own business with an internet-shop. Yesterday I opened it to the public. It is still far from complete, but it works.

The homepage of the "company" is . Of course the best maker of obscure and exotic figures in 1/72. Just what I want - and I am open to suggestions and special wishes.

And what I promise - all the profit goes into new master figures. I have a job to earn money, this is just a hobby (ok, often I spend more time with it than at work already....).

So I hope you will use the shop and buy a lot of figures as I need money to pay all the upcomming HAT 1870 masters:-))) And later on I want to increase all the ranges until they are complete. Beside this I have a lot of other ideas what I could need in my collection.

One thing - I will never make Napoleons old Guard, Roman legionaries of the 1st century, German soldiers or other such mainstream stuff!! Better you prepare yourself for Argentine units to fight the British invasion of the Rio de la Plata 1808, 1870 French Franciteurs, French colonial units beside the FFL, German Schutztruppen etc.


  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!!
    Nothing in my period of interest there...yet :-D
    The riders, the bengal lancers etc, they come with or without horses?

  2. I can see I'm going to have to be strong to resist the temptations you offer with your new shop!

    Wellington in India....must resist! Rio de la Plata expedition...No, no. Must...resist! :-)

    I'm sure I will weaken at some stage!

    Good luck with your venture.

  3. Gratuliere Uwe, endlich ist es denn so weit! Gut gemacht mein Freund!