Montag, 24. September 2012

Mainz - Our Project for 2012 - Borodino

Last night I came back from a wonderful tour. First visiting Alfred and Roland in Lampertheim, enjoying the archive (my back is still hurting from sitting around scanning uniform-plates:-)), meeting Michael Cremerius from Germania figures and arranging to join forces with him in the future to produce our figures together, hopefully expanding the 1870 range soon.

Then two days more at Mainz, bringing our diorama on show, giving the HAT masters to Ulrike and Jörg Schilling, meeting a lot of friends there, talking about figures, hobby, beer, wine, etc.... And not just talking, the evenings in Schmitty's home with all the guys and their wifes around was great.

So, here the first photos from the last weekend. First the usually building up of the diorama.

Schmitty looking what is there

 Rainer building up the redoubt which he worked on for several weeks

 Roland helping us with painting the redoubt

Alfred did the same, already had his working gear with him to support us.

 Schmitty at our usual work, pooring coffee and our special mix over the figures.

 And this was the result in the next morning.

I am sure you want to see more photos, especially close ups, eh? My personal problem is, that there are no photos of myself working on the diorama on my camera. Hopefully someone would help, sending some over. Otherwise people would think, I do just the talking:-))))


  1. A wonderful project, which was also an asset to the show!
    Thanks !


  2. Hi Uwe...!
    It was great, that you and your Team stays in Mainz and we´re looking forward to your Project for 2013 in Mainz...!!!!!