Samstag, 8. September 2012

Inspiration Modellbau

As Michael already wrote on his blog, in two weeks the Inspiration Modellbau exhibition/fair  in Mainz is on show.

This will be my first time there, being always at the DUZI around this period of the year. And my commander in chief at home doesn't allow me to take off two times within four weeks....

As the DUZI is not what it was in former years, we decided to bring our dioramas to Mainz now.
In the past we always had a small stand there, showing some small parts of our dioramas like this parts of Bunker Hill and Isandlwhana.

This year our Borodino diorama will be on show in full scale for the first time. But the fair is not important because we are there, but because it is a mix of every kind of modelling.

Michael and his group have a lot of vignettes on show too. See here a few photos from the 2011 show which I got from a German forum.

And they have Reenactors too. Such one

And these guys. So really something for everybody:-))

Hope to see you there!


  1. Good Stuff :-)

    I (Tom, Projectleader) can say now also, that the organisation is complete and the floorplan for the 1/72-Miniaturesarea is finish. :-)

    Like last year we have a painting-competition on the Inspiration Modellbau with a special-category and a special-miniature. More informations here on the blog:

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    1. Too far for me..again, have fun:-D
      Heiden´s my next port of call..
      Paul deleted due tomy terrible spelling :-/

  3. Nice post! It seems to be so nice...and so far!

  4. All the images are looking so Wonderful and thanks for the sharing . modellbau