Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

Our Fredericksburg Diorama is now on the battlefield!!!

After a year and an exhibition in Schwetzingen (partnertown of Fredericksburg in Germany) our diorama wandered to the USA. It is now located at the local museum on Marye's Heights.

So for all of you living in the USA or going over for a trip at the 150th aniversary of the battle you have now the chance to see our diorama life.

The diorama was brought over through Alfred Umhey and Volker Ziegler who also buildt it up there. Sadly we had not the financial backround to go over as a team. So thanks to Volker and Alfred for doing the work for us!!

Alfred already put a photostream of the project at his Facebook account.

See here a few photos I got from him

Most of the figures of the Union side and the Confederate Artillery were sculpted by Andy Peters and are available on his shop. So far just the artillery is in the shop, but if you like the infantry in greatcoat too, just sent him a mail.

My friend Krisztian from Hungary also offered to paint a set of them and sent the photos back so that you can see in detail what Andy made especially for this project.

And yes I know - the greatcoat of an officer was more dark blue...

So this is the first of our dioramas being on a permanent display. More will follow soon I hope:-)


  1. Very well done. An impressive display!

  2. Very fine diarama, and the figures look great. I like that kind of semi-crouching advancing look, like troops who really are under fire. I have read of troops advancing through fire have the look of men walking into a high wind.

    The dark blue great might easily have faded with weather, but a canny officer is like to substitute an 'other ranks' one so as not to draw enemy fire... So I can think of two plausible 'justifications' for the 'wrong' coloured greatcoat. It looks fine to me!

  3. Incredible work! Well done. Best, Dean

  4. very nice, massive and abouve all spectacular diorama. the people of the town of Marye's Hieghts are very lucky

  5. The diorama is awesome! Great work!

  6. Congrats on this impressive diorama! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Hi,
    It is a great diorama!
    About the greatcoat of the officer. I just followed the instruction, what Uwe sent me:

  8. And the second instruction from Uwe:



    1. Hi Krisztian,

      no offence:-)) The one instruction shows him in dark blue. But as Ion said, a clever officer like for example Flashman would really have taken a light blue one:-))

      Guys I thank your for your comments. Now I got the next question from a Museum in Austria who are interested in the Aspern diorama. It seems I can nearly put our projects now on permanent display! But then my stock of painted figures is dwindling and I have to paint faster now...

  9. Very nice work on this diorama. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.