Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

Arquebusiers de Grassin

This morning I checked the blogs I follow for the news and have seen that Alfons Canovas put one of
my favourite units on this blog.

As the battle of Fontenoy is one of the things I have in mind for a future project because it is one of the most colourful as the only battle in which the French Guard cavalry fought as a complete unit, not just the Gendarmes and you have beside the British a Dutch army too.

So some years ago I asked Leo from Phersu miniatures to make me some poses for this unit. These are the oldest figures with which everything started and which I have on the shop too.

The unit slowed the advance of the British in the woods in front of the main french line and lost nearly 50% of their 1000 men strenght.

What do you think, worth to make more poses?

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