Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

Back from the holidays an some thoughts about India

Three weeks off from work can run really fast.... Two days ago I was on the beach of Bibione in northern Italy and tomorrow morning I have to go again to work - terrible thougth....

To have some more positive thinks to "talk" about I thought it is time for a new posting on the blog.

So some posts ago I have showed my new Mysorean artilleryfigures. The thought now was what kind of guns can I use for them. I found some great photos on the web.

While the carriage itself is a typical one, the barrel itself is the special thing.

Or this one from Wikipedia

But the best one is this mortar which is now standing in the British artillerymuseum in London!
I already asked Andy to make me one of them:-))

What is also interesting is how all these guns were drawn or used in battle in an Indian army

Ok, 50 years earlier, but I am sure the system worked up to the mutiny....

If you want to learn more about Indian artillery or musketry, there is a great blog here

And just as we talked about India, here a photo of the latest figures in my range for India:-))
This time the 19th dragoons, a simple head-conversions from the Madras light cavalry. Very useful for Assaye.


  1. A very interesting post, thank you. I am watching your range of Indian figures with great interest. I visited the Royal Armouries Artillery Collection at Fort Nelson in Portsmouth in November last year. The crouching tiger mortar is now with them in Fort Nelson.

  2. Hi Pierre,

    thanks for tghe information about the mortar. So hopefully on my next trip to the UK I can see it life and make some photos of it.

    And I am glad you like the Indian subject:-))