Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

The armoured Indian cavalry

Usually I don't write when a product is ready for sale in the shop, but this time I thought it is worth the effort as when I have shown the photos of the masters I had more then 600 klicks on this posting and somebody wrote about them on Benno's forum too.

So I thought it might be interesting for you that they are now available and you can help me cover the costs that I can put the money in more masters. One of the next for this series will be an Indian prince on an elephant.

They are here. Other news are Madras light cavalry and Mysorean artillery.


  1. Hi Uwe,

    this figs looks really interesting. Could I see these in Mainz ?
    The idea with the prince and the elephant sounds good - I look forward ! ;-)

  2. thanks for the photos really great models...