Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

This is a special army - made from plasticine

One day when I visited Alfred I took a closer look to his board of curiosities. There I found the figures I will show here.

These guys are around 45-50mm in size when I have them right in mind. Alfred got them as gifts from some friends from Russia who are able to sculpt such a figure in a few minutes. And the more strange thing, they are playing "real" wargames with them. shooting at the guys and when one is damaged they "simply" repaire it.

The figures are made from plasticine in different colours. Just the buttons, eagles etc. are painted on them. All the rest is plasticine in different colours!!!

French young guard

 Saxon infantry, Prussian Landwehr, French infantry and two Austrians
 Sachsen Coburg
Old Guard and a younger one
 Gendarme of the Guard and a Polish lancer
 Westfalian Guard Hussars, later 13th Hussars


  1. Thats cool. Models made out of...fimo????

  2. They are remarkable, and real labours of love. There was an article about the Russian group in MWAN magazine about 10 years ago, and there are a couple of websites worth looking at: