Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

And here they come charging up San Juan Hill

My good friend Massimo is in his element again. Here are the first photos of the charging Rough-Riders and cavalry up the hill.

More US troops firing and Spanish defenders will follow soon.

I guess you recognise Teddy as the third from the left?

More about the production you can see on Benno's forum where we had the luck to get our own subforum.
Take a look there, we explain the idea of the own production there.

An offer for every one of you who wants to have his own figures made.



  1. Maybe you should consider joining the Guild? The membership there is heavily focused on 20mm metals, and have financed numerous projects under a scheme similar to yours (have a look at the link below).

    By the way, those figures are really fantastic. I'm glad Massimo's not confining himself to one-off commissions.

  2. That is worth a thought. I have to check the link closer.