Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

Cröbern 1813 - part of the battle of Leipzig

The historians between you surely recognised that last week was the 200th aniversary of the battle of nations in Leipzig.

There was a big show with around 6000 reenactors etc. and on the last weekend the official battle.

Beside this there were special exhibitions in the museums. One of them is a really breathtaking dioram from Wolfgang Meyer and his friends.

The photos which follow here are from Andy Brune with the permission of Wolfgang Meyer.
Wolfgang has his own homepage at http://www.croebern-1813.de/40199/41551.html. There you can see the making of and much more photos.

In my eyes the best diorama I have ever seen in this scale - and for sure the most expensive as it was made completely of Art-Miniaturen figures - and all of them originals:-)

For those of you who like the figures they see, they are all for sale at the Art-Miniaturen shop.

This here is the most shocking....