Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

More Bavarians for 1870

Hi guys,

you know I started with the Bavarian infantry from Massimo over a year ago. The first of his figures we were able to cast. This first two sets were made in cooperation with Michael Cremerius from Germania.

I decided now to increase the range for this war with already having Prussians and French in our
shop . See here in the shop what we already have for this subject.

See here the new Bavarians which we will offer next week. This weekend I have to paint all these samples here and then put the articles in the shop.

More other 1870 stuff will come very soon.

Beside this I have to paint some more Hereros to increase the Schutztruppen range to make it interesting for collectors to have a full army. Schuztruppe command and artillery will follow soon.

And in the meantime I read some books about German Southwest in 1914/15 and I think we need the Imperial light horse and Portuguese troops too:-) What do you think about the Subject, is WW1 interesting too?

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