Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

What else was on display in Mainz

Here some photos from the works of other collectors friends. There was really extrem good stuff on display there!

First of all Ingo's 25mm ACW diorama. All the figures are selfmade and available from Scilling.

 Now here an impressing Egyptian boat. Hm, more of them for a See-people invasion diorama.....

Modern US in irak - Bridging

 This I found especially great. 1:72 Russian Helicopter basis in Bachrain 1987 or 1989.

This reminded me on my youth when I got this Märklin metal boxes too. But of course I was never able to make such things!
 This boat here in the same style, but with its 1,50 meters an eyecatcher

This little diorama was 1:35 - not my scale but I liked the display.

This here is 1/72 and funny. German patrol in the Kosovo "Hey they have stolen our wheels over night"
 Again the guys with the submarines were there

And an early medieval settlement in 1:72

Much more will follow...

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