Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Again the Franco-Prussian war - But this time in a complete other scale

This time I have some photos from Alfred and Roland. This is a "small" diorama they made for a special exhitibion on the Franco Prussian war.

See here figures in scale 1:6 (in my eyes doll's like my daughters Barbies:-))
On the other hand great details in this scale.

French garde mobiles and line infantry against Prussian infantry.

And here you have Alfred on the left and Roland on the right, taking on the French officer.
Something you can't paint in 1/72...


  1. Those are big figures.Nicely painted diorama.

  2. They are in 1:6 scale (30cm = 12 inches). only the faces are painted, the uniforms are real cloth.

  3. Fantastic work! Real clothes? That makes it even more impressive!