Dienstag, 14. Januar 2014

Tumbling Dice Zouaves painted as Papal Zouaves for 1867 Mentana

With the beginning of 2014 Tumbling Dice joined our group at Hagen-Miniatures. So this great range of figures is available from us now too. The price is the same, but as a non-British you would have an advantage of the postal costs. So if you are interested, here is the link

One of the things I always wanted to have is to see pictures of the figures before I buy them. Sadly Paul has no photos of his figures on his own homepage. We want to change this and because of this I started to paint all the Tumbling Dice figures from my own collection to put photos in the shop. If anybody of you can help with photos of already painted figures I would be very greatful!

Here are two photos from Papal Zouaves from my collection. Long ago I had the idea of creating a diorama of the battle of Mentana 1867. Just because it is one of the lesser known battles.

Maybe one day I can complete it. The Papal army is too colourful not be shown on a diorama

When I visited the army museum in Bruxelles there were a lot of original uniforms of this unit. I made photos of them and went into the local colour-shop to let them mix the colour in the same tone as the originals had. The only problem I had to buy a bottle of 250 ml and I am not sure if in the end I would have more of them then the Pope himself!

Maybe you like this subject too?

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