Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Diorama of Gallipoli from the Army-Museum in Istanbul

In March 2010 I visited Istanbul and had the chance for a trip to the army museum there.

This town is full of history, museums etc.  For less than 3 Euro I got the permission to make photos which increased my uniform-archive a lot:-)  Now with a better digital camera I think I should make a trip again...

Beside the uniforms, paintings etc. they had a nice little diorama for the battle of Gallipoli with 54mm figures.

Maybe another idea to make one of this in 1/72 too with the figures from HAT and metals.

And as it is always good to see original items to get the right colour when painting figures here one from each side.


  1. Now there was a bloody disaster even by WWI standards.

  2. I'm impressed particularly with the manner in which the terrain is presented.

  3. Agreed, great looking diorama

  4. I am in İstanbul but not visited the museum.Good pictures for 3€..Turkish Commander's uniform with bloods effected me!