Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

28mm French dragoons at foot

These guys have gaiters, so useful for the campaign of 1805 and not dismounted ones for other campaigns.

They are my friend Ingo's latest figures and will be available from the Schillings soon.

I know it will make the visitors from the TMP happy who often lament that our own figures are not 28mm - well these guys are:-)


  1. I am worrying about 1/72 Dragoons at foot from near 20 years ago! Never find the adequate figures for conversión :-(

  2. Hi Rafa,

    Qualitiycast had some nice poses but they are long gone from the market. It will make you happy that one hobbyfriend from Hagen put them to the pipeline in 1/72 too:-)


  3. Wonderful set you did! fine painting, good taste. I am envious also on your plenty of boxes in the background - full of miniatures? Great!!