Freitag, 29. August 2014

3 D - figures

Krisztian sent me some very interesting photos over. Figures made from a 3D-drawing.

As he want to increase his own range of 15mm figures for the Hungarian war of independence and is busy sculpting figures for it he thought this is an idea to fasten the pace of the production.

What do you think about figures made from a PC instead of a sculptor?

Here you see both, a sculpted figure and a printed figure (sculpted left).

I think a nice idea, but the costs are still a little bit higher then what a sculptor takes (at least ours:-))


  1. I also thought of using a 3D printer to design my own figures. I would like to know more about that and if anyone could give me a hint how to learn something about it I would appreciate this.
    I think that there has to be a very good program for styling or designing. The printers and also the material should not be the real problem. If you have a good master figure you could make a mould to cast them I think. Jörg Schilling will be able to do this for sure.

  2. I'm guessing the higher 'per figure' cost for, say, one to make figures at home would be for the flexibility and convenience. Mind you, if you used the figures of some manufacturer, it would mean less revenue for them. On the other hand, the technology is there, and will be used. We'd just have to hope it doesn't lead to outright piracy for commercial gain...