Samstag, 2. August 2014

Arnhem 1944

I am just checking the photos of the last figure fairs I've got. From this years FIGZ I have this one left.

WW2 is usually not my cup of tea when I think about making a diorama, simply because I can't take thousands of figures on a not too big space. On the other hand such actions as Arnhem are teasing me too.

Here are the photos from such a diorama on the FIGZ

And just for fun, here some photos from our stand there

 The first time I have seen Markus' Mexicans painted

 For those who like some "Fantasy" stuff

 One of the old works of Andy - Still available

 Here a very rare sight - Andy at work:-)

 Such armored trains are also interesting for me. Very useful for the Russian civil war and 1939 Poland.

 And here again a few ladies. Gerrit is fond of them...

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  1. Thank you for enjoying my Oosterbeek (Arnhem 1944) game, altough it isn't complete yet.