Montag, 18. August 2014

Cuddalore - Just five weeks left now

This day I sat around five hours gluing the units into position. Every plate here is a company of two Pelotons with 39 rank and file, four NCOs, 2 Drummers and three officers.

We decided to show Firing by Pelotons. Now I have to fill the gaps in the units which will be my work of the next weeks. Not to forget to paint as much Highlanders and French Sepoys of my own production to fill up the units.

Over the weekend I painted two sets of IMEX AWI artillery. Nice crew, but these small guns are not really impressing. So now I have to search out field-guns in a proper size. As the French used a lot of 32 and 18 pounders from the fortress Alfred suggested to use 25mm guns for them.

And here are my little babies:-)


 Austrasie firing 

Royal Rousillon loading

1st company British Grenadiers

2nd company British Grenadiers

3rd company British Grenadiers

All three British companies, Peleton firing

British Sepoys

2nd company British Sepoys

15. Hanoverian regiment

Again the 15th Hanoverians

14th Hanoverian Regiment

La Mark is chasing the Hanoverians

2nd Company Madras Europeans

3rd company Madras Europeans

4th company Madras Europeans, charged by Mysore infantry.

5th company Madras Europeans

6th company Madras Europeans

Mysore light cavalry

Mysore infantry in later uniform

Mysore armored cavalry

Mysore firing line

Royal Rousillon 1st company

Royal Rousillon 2nd company

Royal Rousillon Grenadier company

All about the organization of the French army in India you can read in this Osprey which also has the uniform-plates of nearly all the French units that fought at Cuddalore.

You can buy it here or from your favourite bookshop:-)

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