Mittwoch, 6. August 2014

Cuddalore 1783 - our actual project for September

You have read several posts about our actual diorama. Well on the 20th September it is on display. So far we painted over 4000 figures for this battle, I bought a huge box of Palmtrees in the UK and now I am glad to say that Alfred and Roland Umhey joined us in the project.

Beside helping me with the organisation of the units and sending me more figures to paint as I have painted my complete stock of AWI figures they also took on the task to paint 400 more Frenchmen to complete one half finished bataillon.

These photos Alfred sent me just five minutes ago. You see this is real stress:-)

And recognise the lights, he spent the whole night painting figures!! :-):-)

And then Roland took over the next watch:-)