Montag, 25. August 2014

Ancient flats

10 years ago was a special exhibition about ancient battles in flat figures in the castle of
Aschaffenburg. I can remember the tour we had then. Now I found photos about it in my archive, but can't tell if they were made by my friend Alexander or myself.


  1. These are marvellous. I don't know much about flats - I always rather thought of them as exotic but a bit specialised - but I visited the dioramas on the top floors of the Army Museum at Ingolstadt last year and I was just blown away - fantastic. Incredible detail - even the use of different sized figures to give a false perspective - I'd never miss an opportunity to see such a display in future.

  2. The exhibits were from the collection of Mr. Erich Lampert, (, , +49 (0) 6081 - 15432 ) .Flat figures usually are produced by 3 different artists: the designer who makes the drawings, the engraver who puts the drawings into a slate mould and the caster. Mr Lampert is one of the unique editors who does all 3 things by himself, although in some cases he uses professional artists to improve his initial drawings.he is one of the most profilic specialists in ancient armies, with a range of several thousand different figures from early oriental to late Rome. Some of his most spectacular figures are war elephants, chariots and ships. His dioramas can be found in many museums dedicated to ancient history.