Sonntag, 13. September 2015

How I spent my day:-)

This morning the weather was fine and I have just one week left until we put the Poitiers-Diorama on show in Mainz.

So today I painted 20 knights from Massimo and decided Poitiers is finished - at least with painting figures.

I found an old Matchbox-Kit Panzerkampfwagen III and my son with his 8 years started building it why I searched for new figures to paint.

Three days ago came the parcel from Andy with new samples from Hagen. I have to arrange the figures and put them in the shop. My favourites are of course my own British infantry for India. Just 2-3 sets left and I have completed the range (I think).

So here are the figures in the three sets I want to have them for sale, command, firing line and advancing.

After making the shop-photos I simply started painting them.

Out in the open...

The first done, but need brushing

I tried one as Maryland militia. They are not only useful for British, but for Americans, Spanish in British uniforms and my next thought was to try some Argentines 1807.

As it became darker I stopped for today. You see in front of the British two Newline design Han-Chinese. Maybe a glimpse at what diorama will come in the future 3-4 years:-)

Wellington in India is my very first range. The first figures I asked a sculptor to make for me were the Sepoys because I wanted to have these figures after reading Sharpe and a lot of books. In the meantime it is my most succesful range. You find it here

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