Mittwoch, 9. September 2015

Modellbautage Fürstenfeldbruck

In march this year I visited the local modellshow - the Modellbautage Fürstenfeldbruck.

Beside some great Lego-dioramas, Star wars reenactors and some Bundeswehr Oldtimer-Trucks there were a lot of stands who had models and display or sold 2nd hand sets.

Here are some photos of the vehicles, dioramas etc. which impressed me most. Of course all in 

Bundeswehr in Afghanistan

My favourite. Translation: "This happens when a modeller is bored":-)

 WW1 Pigeons. I remember having seen such a wagon in the past from IT-miniatures. Has anybody an idea which manufactor this is?

And here a range of vehicles from the Vietnam-war with description. As I am thinking over a diorama of this war I thought the tanks etc. very welcome. It is years since I build a vehicle...

Indi at his best:-)


  1. The bus is a conversion. It is a 1920 Open Top B-Type London Bus made by Keilkraft.
    another dio with the same model

    1. Hi Paul,

      thank your for the information. Keilkraft - never heard about this manufactor. Now the hunt begins:-)