Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

Poitiers - The building up

I thought to show the photos in chronological order, starting with the build up of the diorama.

First we arranged the tables we got from the organisation team

In the morning Schmitty bought some wooden plates which we arranged over the table

The first work done, we focused on the Hagen-Shop. Here Andy's display for fairs which I like very much

 Then we had to try how to make the slope on which the French attacked. The first idea was to make it with Styrodur. Here Schmitty and Rainer cutting the stuff

We put some folded down beer-tables which had the right size (the higher ground was just 10 meters over the valley). Here Schmitty takes the Styrodur in front of the "heights" to check the angle we need.
 Didn't looked really good...
 Sitting around (me - the others standing:-)) and searching for a solution. In the meantime Markus arrived.
Rainer and Rüdiger have no idea

 As have Schmitty and Peter...
 Now Alfred arrived too and whe had a brainstorming
 And finally Schmitty told us he still has some wooden plates in his car. So we had our slope - long and not too steep.
 Rainer securing the slope on the ground

And finally our usual blanket over everything. This blanket has seen battles since the 1990ies, starting with Gettysburg (it smells like it of course).

Now the real work starts. Rüdiger has to put our "groundwork"-mixture over the edge between the two blankets. On this later we put the hedge
 Putting the first figures on the plate. You see our usual system of glueing the figures on stands and later scatter our homemade mixture over it. Here the English left flank.

 Peter exclaims to Massimo how it works
 Well Markus has still to glue some of his units on the stands
 The making of the hedge was Alfreds idea. Looks like he had a nice little walk through a forest the day before:-) But it looked really good
And now putting the first units together to check how it looks.

And it looks not too bad when you make a close-up photo eh?
 Now Alfred arranged the figures in the historical right position
 Me of course too:-) And Markus still glueing
 Schmitty glueing too. We left several hundred figures not positioned on bases before to fill the gaps between the stands

And in the end this is what you will see in the next posts


  1. It's awesome! I very like it! :)

    1. I hope you come over in the future and help us again. This here remembers me on our Hastings diorama nine years ago:-)