Samstag, 26. September 2015

We have another new guy in our group

We have a new hobbyfriend in our growing team of Hagen - Darek from Poland.

Darek is a fan of ancient figures and already asked Massimo to make him three figures. But after making this order he surprised me with conversions of his own. 

So I simply told him to go on and join our group. Here are some photos of figures he is working on the moment. There will come far more over the next months...

There are repulican Romans, Greeks and Carthagians. I also suggested Pontic troops and Romans of the 3rd Century AD

And here are three figures that Massimo sculpted in addition to this range, two Romans and a Carthagian
We will put all these figures together in sets of units. I already got the first figures from Andy to make some photos and put them in the shop this weekend.

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