Sonntag, 13. September 2015

Pieters range for Spain 1808

Maybe you remember that Pieter organised a birthday-gift for me (Bavarian dragoons) in April this year?

Now it is my turn, Pieter became a father the 2nd time:-)

He will need more money for two children so I thought I take over some figures which he would surely ask me to make in the figure (I already have 2-3 sets of Spaniards in the pipeline from him):-)

What is missing in his lists are Catalonian light infantrymen. So here they are - and very soon in the shop too.

Did you know that Romana's division fought the Swedish in 1807? They participated in an fight at the siege of Stralsund, loosing several men. Swedes fighting Spaniards, something unusual:-)
My source is an article in the old "Ristre" magazine from Spain. Sadly out of print for a long time.

Out of "Print" are also the NapoleoN 1/72 figures. The only other manufactor who made this catalonians in the past (beside one figure from Scruby which is still available in the US).

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