Dienstag, 22. September 2015

Poitiers 1356 - The diorama

Two weeks since my last post - and all because of I was busy to create the diorama with the guys and had no time for posts

Last weekend it was on display at the "Inspiration Modellbau" in Mainz.

Before I start showing the first photos here a Link to Wikipedia which describes the battle very well. In our diorama we show the attack of the first French "battle" (means line). The reason we decided for it was very simply - not having much casualties to show lying around when the third line started.

This time we decided to have a plate, just showing the line of defence without getting too deep in both directions. So the size of the plate was just 2,50 meters deep while 6,60 meters wide.

This is the action we show on the diorama - The beginning of the first French attack.

In the center we have the hedge behind which the English took position. The French attacked up on a slope with cavalry supporting the infantry attack on the flank.

We have the English archers arranged on the flanks too while the hedges are hold by their Men-at-arms.  On the English left flank was marshy ground which prevented the French cavalry to come to close combats with the English archers. The English faned out to take the French cavalry in the flank (easier to shoot a horse from the flank than from the armoured front).
On the English right flank the French cavalry tried a frontal attack.

In the center we have the French Men-at-arms charging through two holes in the hedge. The English allowed some Frenchmen to come through to take them in a half-circle, creating a killing zone.
Killing zone suggest it was a one-sided affair, but I can assure you it was not. Here we have a battle other than Crecy or Agincourt which was a one-sided battle in favour of the English. Poitiers was much more equal.

Some book-Tips for you if you want to get deeper into the subject:

 Victory at Poitiers
The black princes expedition
Osprey - The armies of Crecy and Poitiers
Osprey - Poitiers 1356

And now comming to the first photos, but just as teasers:-)

Here from the flank with Schmitty and Rainer holding our "backround-tapestry"

A few over the complete diorama to imagine the size. This time we had the problem that there was not enough light in our part of the tent.

Just a shot from above

How the real photos look

And a close-up of the hand-to-hand fight in one of the gaps.

A close up of some knights. Of course from the one that Massimo sculpted for us:-)

Much more photos from every part of the battlefield will come soon. I hope you won't get bored...


  1. wow !! impressive diorama ! so many figures!
    you can post more pictures ...

  2. Extraordinary sense of scale. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Most impressive pictures, incredible amass effect!