Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

Does anybody knows something about this manufactor?

These two boxes of metals I found at the Kulmbach figure-fair in August last year.

The Zouaves are simply Minifigs S-Range figures, while the Maoris are conversions. The kneeling ones are Airfix WW1 US infantry conversions I think, the standing maybe old Hinton-Hunt?

Made in New Zealand - are there more such packs to find?

And talking about finds - This weekend I safed the files of around 150 CDs on my harddrives before throwing them away. I found these photos which I got from a hobby-friend who wrote "The stuff I bought at Kulmbach". This CD was around 13 years old. Nice to see what was available from Frank Germershaus and Uwe Ehmke in this days. Napoleons Coatch I never bought - what a mistake...


  1. The top figs (in the boxes) are now sold by Battlefront...New Zealand. The original company was Military Miniatures of New Zealand, which in 1997 merged with a retailer/distributor to form Crusader Distributors. Then the distributor and retailer operations were sold off (2000), and the company became Battlefront ;-)

  2. cool stuff. Even though I live in New Zealand I can't help with the figs up top. NZ model shops barely stock 1/72 figures so speciality stuff never gets on the shelves even local work. If I find out more I'll let you know.