Montag, 18. Januar 2016

NAPOLEON, von Luneville bis Waterloo, the complete exhibition

There is a nice exhibition about Napoleon and his time in at the museum in Schwetzingen.
Alfred put a huge bunch of photos to his facebook account.

See the link here.

Several collectors lent a part of their figures in all scales for this exhibition, me included.
From me of course some of my Wellington in India collection:-)

But there is a lot of other great stuff to see. Here a few examples, so have a go to see the rest!!
And I hope that I can visit it in time before the exhibition is closed...


  1. Erm - what's the wheelbarrow about, Uwe? Looks a good exhibition.

  2. Hi Foy,

    a sappers one:-) This collector usually makes such jokes with his little dioramas.