Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

Limited Edition - Custers last stand in 1/72

Hi guys,

here I have something special from Massimo - Custers last stand. There will be a limited edition, just 60 sets in metal. These set will contain 20 figures, spare weapons and three dead horses.

Waterloo 1815 will make a set of them later in metal too, but just with 10 figures and two horses.

This set here has nothing to do with Hagen-Miniatures, it is the first set of Massimo's own production.

So for everybody who is interested in the big set send me a mail to
and you will come on the list for the 60 sets. (Ah 59, I have already my set ordered:-))

Here the photos of what you get for your money

And this here will be the set from Waterloo with the lesser figures

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