Freitag, 1. Januar 2016

A Gandamak-Diorama with 40mm figures

At the Kulmbach figure fair in August Alfred showed me a box of 40mm figures he bought. I was very impressed by the figures, great details, anatomy good etc. etc.

I showed the box to Massimo and asked him if something in 1/72 would be after his taste. Well, he was so impressed by the figures that Alfred nearly had to force him to give the box back:-)

Now Alfred painted the complete set and sent me the photos over. Enjoy them (and hope for 1/72 as I do:-)))


  1. Wow, Uwe - this is a fantastic set. i am really deeply impressed. Could you tell me, how you or Massimo did the snow and mud effect on the clothes. It looks so terrifically good. I would be thankful.

    1. Hi Peter,

      as I wrote above, this diorama is not my work but Alfred's. Here his answer to your question:

      Hello Peter, the mud is simple drybrushing with thick acrylic paint, the Snow is baking soda,
      a wonderful stuff for this kind of work as it is very fine and can be glued or simply spread onto fresh paint.
      Cheers Alfred

  2. That is very impressive. How much do you reckon the 1/72 version will be?

    1. Hi Conrad,

      in case Massimo would do it as an official order it would be around 25 Euro for one master-figure and around 3-4 Euro for the mould of each figure. The ground is than a "make-yourselve" or let Andy cast it in resin.

      But I am sure to sell it would be not too difficult and so cover a good part of the costs through the profit.