Montag, 4. Januar 2016

Photos from the Technical museum in Sinsheim

A hobbyfriend told me once that he likes the total different subjects on my blog, not only photos from figures.

Well, here is something different. Since years when on tour to meet friends in Württemberg, Baden, etc. I pass the technical museum in Sinsheim on the motorway.

Now with my family on tour and my son always being interested in technics I had the chance to make a stop:-)

Well, I was impressed by their military collection. Nearly the half Wehrmacht and a lot of modern stuff there. Here are a few photos I made with the Samsung tablet I bought the day before.

Starting with a 1953 Ferret

Beware of the stuff over your head!

A complete display of an Afrika Korps unit, with guns and tanks.

Don't know what this wreck is?

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