Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

And again Wellington in India

Having made a very good experience with Leo who sculpted the Sepoys of Wellington, I asked him
now to start on their enemies. For the beginning I thought about some Mysore warriors. Leo will sculpt seven figures after samples from 25mm Redoubt figures. See here what I have in mind to fight the Sepoys.

And this is how they looked like - well the regular units at least

 I like especially the Rocketmen
 It was no fun to be at the receiving end of them:-)


  1. I have a battalion of the sepoys, though I haven't managed to get them painted yet. My Mysoreans have all been made up from the ESCI Muslim Warriors set, it would be great to get some proper opposition.

  2. Hi Conrad,

    that sounds great. Have you photos of your conversions? I would be very interested to see them.