Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010


And here some more I found and which I posted at the Strelets forum years ago.

I like the photo of the Bavarian light infantry attacked by the Russians. I used several old Art-miniaturen casualties, they bring "life" into the action. The Bavarians are old Art-miniaturen as well as Falcon UK.

And see the overview, something I haven't posted in the last post. Paul you asked how many "Bods" there are on the plate. I guess it were around 1200-1400. Small for my standard today...

BTW, what is a Bod???


  1. :-D Bod is the nickname (Spitzname) I give to 1/72nd figures..there was a character on the TV in the UK called bod....he was a little guy too. The name seems to fit somehow, for me anyway...(more a term of affection and easy to say and easy to write) :-)
    It´s a great dio and I can appreciate the work that went into it..I remember it from the strelets site..I liked it then and I still do...a great piece of work.
    Thanks for the info :-)

  2. Hi Paul,

    ok, now I understand:-)))

    Maybe I will get the chance to get the old plate out of the garage and put it on show anywhere in the house. Then I could recreate some more battles with figures of my collection as I am running out of old photos soon...