Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Hohenlinden in Flats

As some guys sent me mails telling me flats are fine and two of you already posted the same, here the next diorama of which I have photos. It is the battle of Hohenlinden in December 1800.

I already walked and drove the battlefield. It is really an interesting battle that decided the war in Germany. And Bony was not involved!

In 1/72 we have French line infantry from HAT and Italeri. French Artillery from HAT too. As for the cavalry it is more difficult. Polish legion - no chance.

The Austrian line from Italeri is much too big for 1/72 in my eyes and no other manufactor ever thought about producing them. But see what is available in flat

See the Bavarians in light blue on this diorama. In 1800 only the Grenadiers had the new blue uniform while the fusiliers still had the old Rumford white uniform. To have this figures is a dream of mine.