Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

Polotzk - my very first big project

see here some photos of my first big diorama. Not big by todays standards and the plate is just
2,5 x 2,0 Meters. The units are not 1:1 as the original strenght which I try today when doing a project. But it was a start. For me these are very nostalgic. The diorama is eight years old.

It is the battle of Polotzk, fought in 1812 Russia. The Bavarian sidekorps of Napoleons army together with some French and foreign units fought the Russians. The buildings are Hovels. See in the backround my old hobbyroom. Well this had changed into a childrens playroom in the meantime. Some day I hope to get it back again!!!

See the one firing the gun. I got this figure from the group who made the battle of Leipzig diorama in the monument at Leipzig itself. They told me it is from Novikow. Never again did I see such figures.

 IN the menatime there is a horse-artillery available from Art-miniaturen. but no plastic manufactor ever thought about them.
 HATs Russian dragoons are nice, but I still hope for Zvezda to round up their range of Russian Napoleonic cavalry

 The photos were made, while the work was still in process. See the green plate on which I glued a complete Bavarian column in the end.

 Russian militia done before HAT brought theirs on the market

 Ok, see this two squadrons against mine at the Aspern project. Something changed in the meantime:-))

The good old days when we had to convert ourselves the units we wanted. Who would have imagined how many sets we will get in the meantime. 


  1. great stuff. You can't beat Napoleonics for an epic battle

  2. Boah!!! That is some set up!!! How many bods have you got there ?...very impressive!!

  3. Hi
    A great job!. Do you have own still the diorama?

  4. Hi Rafa,

    the figures are still part of my collection. I would never give up any of my small friends!!

    The plate is in the garage. I used it for a lot of similar dioramas before I cleared up the room.


  5. Wonderful photos-looks like the real thing!

  6. Your work on the diorama's is superb,
    Very inspiring!