Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Producing own figures

This week I gave an oder to the sculptor who did the Sepoys to sculpt me seven poses of Mysore warriors. So I hope to have them soon. Later I want to expand the range with other Indian troops as well as British units to round up Wellington in India.

Sadly it is not always so easy as with Leo who does the Indians or Andy who did some other stuff for me. One year ago Bartosz Radzisewski from Poland whom I knew since some years offered me to sell me masters of Napoleonic infantry he made for HAT. Bartosz sculpted for HAT the Russian militia and the Spanish guerillias. I knew he did the Polish too, but HAT wasn't interested in them. So I asked him to sell them to me to have them casted in metal. Well, he made me a good price and urged me on to pay him at once. I did it because I knew him. Well, I haven't known him too good. After my payment he disappeared, telling me he is sooo sick. Well, he told me this in the past too and it seems to be true. But being so sick not to be able to bring a few masters to the post office and don't answer mails is a little bit too strange. Maybe he will pop up again in a year or so, having great stories as usual and a lot of reasons why he wasn't able to send them.

See here what I would have got for 600 Euros.

Thank God not all people I know in this hobby are like him!!


  1. !!!!!! Bloody hell!! The sculpts are not that bad but not worth 600€!!! That makes each figure ..what? 31€´s each? !!! I hope that he is sick and you get a bit more for your money. The plus side is..if they are exclusive for you then I would look into getting them made as molds and reproduced...

  2. Uwe, that's not one of the news, we want to hear before Christmas!

    I hope, that this hobby budy is really ill and you'll get the scupls ASAP!

    He should realize, that with only 600.- EURO he wouldn't be rich...

    Take care and KOPF HOCH!

  3. Hi guys,

    31 Euro for a master is a really good price. Usually you have to pay 80-100 Euro for one.

    The guy is sick since I know him. This deal we made over a year ago. I waited since them before I made this public, wanted to give him a chance. This figures were done before I made the payment, so he simply had to give them to the post office. So I fear he simply cheated me and I won't get them any time.

    And as you say from 600 Euros I won't get poor. It is just a pity that we have such problems within the hobby.

    All the best

  4. Sad to hear about your dealings with this person, regretably the world is full of people who lack moral fibre!