Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Producing Mysore warriors

Hi guys,

for those of you interested to join me (us) in the project some news. The sculptor charges me 130 $ for each master figure and at the moment we are already 10 persons to share the costs.

So if anybody wants to join in the production the costs for each will be cheaper. Mould-making is just 40 euros for 15 poses and the casting of the figures 25 cent each.

Everybody who joins me on this project will simply pay the 25 cent for a figure plus his share on the masters (7 figures so far).

On the other hand if somebody is interested in the figures later, he has to pay 80 cent. The profit goes at once in new masters.

Is this a deal? Together with a strong comunity we could produce everything we want. The same worked with the Sepoys too.



  1. What type of bods are you looking at producing?

  2. The Mysore Indian warriors shown in one of the last posts. Rocketmen, infantry...