Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

I should take on Sander's offer or send a set to Krisztian....

Today I thought I can enjoy the time with my children playing outside in the sunshine and take a closer look at the figures I sorted out for painting.

In the end I had around 25 new metals painted for Rocroi, mostly Tumbling Dice and SHQ Pikemen in close combat.

But I thought I want to paint some of my own production new Madras cavalry and Mysore artillerymen too.
Well, I was proud of my work. But then I made photos with a Macro objective- terrible.....

Mysorean artillery - something I need for Cuddalore 1783 and for the later wars too.

Madras light cavalry. Difficult to find images on them of the early period. I have just two paintings about their early uniform in my collection and on the web I found just this link with a blurred painting. If anybody of you can help with more information on the Sowars of the early wars I would be very greatful.


  1. they look very nice! a very interesting era to do different from the usual stuff.

  2. Why don't you do both? A little fun game between Krisztian and yours truly ;-) Besides: I want both of these sets for my own armies anyway!