Sonntag, 25. August 2013

More photos from Kulmbach - This time the battle of Pavia 1525

You remember my post from around two weeks ago about the (in figures) overseen 16th century.
Well the forgotten is in scale 1:72 with less then 10 sets of plastics. In flat figures there is a huge range.

As I was three days at the fair in Kulmbach I used the time to visit the museum at the castle.

See here some photos of their battle of Pavia 1525 diorama. To have such numbers of this subject in 1:72 would be great - and very colourful!!

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  1. A magnificent display! Although I have never used flats myself, I have read that they paint up very well indeed, with effects not really achievable with 'round' figures. There is a feeling of 'mass' in many of these pictures that I am sure could not be matched with 'rounds'. Beautifully done.