Sonntag, 4. August 2013

More SYW figures from Alfred's collection - this time the French

Which French you will ask. The only French SYW figures on the market are the old Minifgs S-range and the great Wodensfeld-range of which my friend old John bought the mould and of which we took some sets
over in our marketplace at So far just the ACW-range from the manufactor listed, but we got all SYW Frenchmen too.

But be fast, I plan a diorama for Fontenoy 1745 and maybe I will paint them myself:-))

Beside the metals we have to convert the Revell Austrians and other 18th century figures as we always did in the past.

Here are Alfreds conversions. To be honest, I converted my French from other SYW figures, but he takes really everything.... Make a game out of it -

who recognises the originals first!


  1. Lovely selection of conversions, quite a mix of figures and periods used

  2. Some of my very early figures, not yet very well painted, but as a 13 year old starting to paint and convert not too bad, despite the potato eyes. Some of this early stuff I repainted, until I discovered that this prevents me from doing new ones and I have nothing to compare my progres with. So over the years different periods of painting styles and improvements are visible in the colection