Montag, 19. Juli 2021

News from Darek - Masters of Polish cavalry 1683 to sell

 Darek sent me these photos of his latest works. We already have several of his Panzerni cavalry in our 

Siege of Vienna 1683 range at Hagen. 

As I am personally fully concentrated on Blackwatch, I can' afford producing these additions to the range. 

If anybody is interested in buying these masters and join the Hagen-Team for producing them, please write Andy a mail and we can arrange things.

It would be a pity not to increase the range. 

Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2021

The Spanish train is soon available

 Guys, this set is something special and I am happy to get it for my armies. Thanks to Pieter for the tip.

And of course to Massimo for the great work!!

Montag, 12. Juli 2021

Sad news

Wir trauern um unseren lieben Freund, Sammlerkollegen und Figuren-Herausgeber Thomas Lauble, vielen besser bekannt unter seinem selbstgewählten Pseudonym "Dicker Thomas".
Thomas hat uns fast von Anfang an auf unserem Weg mit Hagen-Miniatures begleitet und die Sammlergemeinde verdankt ihm viele außergewöhnliche Modellfiguren, die auf sein Betreiben modelliert wurden.
Darüber hinaus war Thomas ein wirklich angenehmer Zeitgenosse, der sich durch seine freundliche Art und seine Sachkenntnis auszeichnete.
Am 20.06.2021 verlor er er nun, mit nur 51 Jahren seinen ganz persönlichen Kampf.
Thomas - wir werden Dich vermissen !

We mourn the loss of our dear friend, collector colleague and figure editor Thomas Lauble, better known to many under his self-chosen pseudonym "Fat Thomas".
Thomas has accompanied us on our way with Hagen miniatures almost from the beginning and the collecting community owes him many extraordinary model figures that were modeled at his instigation.
In addition, Thomas was a really pleasant fellow who stood out for his friendly manner and expertise.
On June 20th, 2021 he lost his very personal fight at the age of only 51.
Thomas - we will miss you!

Freitag, 9. Juli 2021

Some new sculptings from Darek

 Darek sent me photos of his latest work. At first we have a Polish light cavalryman in the 17th century. I think this unit could be a good addition to Polish winged Hussars and the Panzernis.

Beside this so many ancients, that it is too much for one post. I start with Carthagian Citizen militia

Freitag, 2. Juli 2021

The nearly lost dioramas at Hannoversch Münden

 My first thought when Patrick told me, he wants to sell the big dioramas was "how do I get them in my house?". Ok, later I had to accept, that I have already too much figures (if this would ever be possible) in my collection.

So I followed with interested Patricks handlings. I feared that he would start selling bits of the diorama and in the end it is destroyed and parts of it appear at Ebay. 

Thanks God my mate Andi (no, not Brune), bought the complete diorama to put it on show in another museum. So it isn't lost for the commnity. 

We don't know exactly, when it will be on show again. Because of this, I want to put a bunch of photos here.

Before we start with the Napoleonic, here the Romans in Winter

Montag, 28. Juni 2021

Major Baring at Waterloo

 Over a year ago, our Hobbyfriend Arnaud asked me for a figure of the KGL Colonel, defending La Haye Sainte. I wanted to fulfill this wish and asked Massimo to sculpt the figure. 

The question now is, how to continue. I am thinking about two opions

- A set "Defenders" of La Haye Sainte, means KGL light infantry

- A set of lesser known personalities at Waterloo.

Usually all the existing commandsets about Waterloo show the emperor and nosey, Ney & Picton etc. 

I thought about a set with for example Kruse, commanding the Nassau troops, von Alten, Hanoverian General, Vivian for the British light cavalry, more Dutch commanders and maybe for the French Cambrone, Colbert etc. 

Which one would be your favourite set?

Here the painted Baring. Courtesy of Arnaud:-) 

Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2021

New 3D-prints Napoleonic and Franco-Prussian war

 In the last post, I have shown the Spanish train figures. Here now the 4-pounder with limber, Peter "painted" for us. 

In addition to it, a Prussian modell 1867 gun with limber. Massimo will sculpt the crew for it. I also wanted to get an ammunition wagon, so that I can put a complete Prussian battery on the diorama.

It is a real beauty:-) The first painting shows, what I have in mind. The others are variations. Some pictures show Prussian artillery between 1871 and 1914, just to show what is possible.