Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2021

The next set for our fast growing Franco-Prussian war range

 The Franco-Prussian war was and is one of my favourite subjects in military history. Ok, it is the last war we Germans won:-) 

Since years we have different ideas of dioramas to build. In 2020 we thought about a Sedan diorama for the 150th aniversary. Now Patrick started with his Wörth project. Alfred made several small dioramas for the museum, he is working in. 

I still dream about the Charge of Bredows Brigade at Mars la Tour. The stock of painted figures is growing fast. 

There will be much more figures to produce than the already existing range at Blackwatch and Hagen.

The next set two sets are a Prussian and a Bavarian staff.

Montag, 10. Mai 2021

French Coast Artillery

 Peter Schuchhardt sent me the photos of his latest project - French Napoleonic Gardes Cotes. 

The complete diorama is available from Hagen Miniatures. I just need photos of the painted crew, which Ingo sculpted for Peter. 

I think this is an idea for a very nice vignette. Imagine some British ships in the backround (like in the painting from Victor Huen).

The uniform of the Gardes Cotes is colorful. And you see, it is a simple French line artillery coat. 

Montag, 3. Mai 2021

Again Prussian Generals - and new guns for the Seven Years war

 Holger is fond of Generals and here we have the next three for the Seven Years war.

To be honest, I am happy that the project is finished now. I started painting them as ordinary officers, staff soldiers etc. 

The next range will be personalities of the 30YW. 

Here the last photos of the latest figures

Rüdiger sculpted some interesting Batallion-guns and new limbers for the Prussian army. Also a gun for my Franconian infantry at Korbitz:-)

He also made a great set of Prussian casualties. Exactly what I need for the diorama to make it more "lively"

Dienstag, 27. April 2021

Dennewitz 1813

 This week I've talked with Rüdiger about the Korbitz project. We need two villages for the diorama. One hold by the Austrians who get attacked by the Prussians.

The other village the Prussian put to the torch to cover their retreat, while a rearguard try to hold back the Franconian troops from the Reichsarmee. 

So I searched for photos of buildings in my collection to get some ideas. I found this series of photos from Ingo's 2008 Dennewitz project. It is done in our usual style of groundwork. So I must say, I like it:-)

 The French and Prussians are Art-Miniaturen, while the Saxons were castings from Ingo's early conversions. 

The buildings are all selfmade. I have the luck to have some of Ingo's houses from our Aspern project. They are great.