Mittwoch, 22. November 2023

Conversions for AWI

 Years ago my mate Pay sent me photos of figures from his collection, which he wanted to sell. I was too late to get these figures, another hobbyfriend was more lucky. 

These figures are converted and painted by a guy, whom we call "the painting friend". I was often offered some of his great figures and have many in my collection.

First some AWI  3rd American dragoons and a train vehicle

Next some old school conversions. I can't remember, what I myself converted from the old Airfix Cuirassiers. 

And some Prussian staff figures

Samstag, 4. November 2023

New Roman infantry, 180 AD

 The latest news at Blackwatch miniatures is a set of Roman infantry around 180 AD.

They are the start of a new range for Patrick's Marcomanic war diorama

The figures are 3D-painted. We have printed them in 1/72 scale and they are on the way to our caster in Spain. 

The advantage of 3D-files is, that we can print and cast them later in different scale (for example 28mm) too. A bigger chance to cover the costs and use the profit for more masters as we usual do.

You can see the whole range of photos here