Montag, 29. August 2016

18th century French army from Denis

We already have the first 10 figures made by our French friend in the shop.

Now I got new photos some figures from Alfred. In the meantime Denis sculpted nearly the whole French army for the war of the Austrian succession. They are of course also useful for the SYW. Maybe not all as I heard he started on several Volunteer units to round up the range which makes me very happy:-)

So all in all I guess at the end the range will have close to 100 different figures. Well I hope now to see some British to fight them.

Here now some samples from the range

Fontenoy is comming!!!

Donnerstag, 25. August 2016

French Guard Foot artillery

In my collection I have the Esci-figures which are not really good and just four poses and very nice old figures from Hinton-Hunt.

Beside this there is no French Guard Foot artillery available. Correct me please if I am wrong.

So Andy asked Massimo for a set of these guys to go with his range of French guns.  All in all two crews, loading and firing.

Montag, 22. August 2016

Some painted Ancients from our ranges

Darek sent me some photos  of one of his own Republican Roman infantry

And Tony some nice photos of our 3rd century AD Romans. These were a special wish of mine too, no real enemies for Palmyra and the Sassanids so far.

Donnerstag, 18. August 2016

And again new Napoleonic figures from Massimo

This time it is British infantry in rags in the Peninsular campaign as well as the 43rd light infantry, also for the Peninsular. These Pieter asked for to enlarge his range.

Here the photos of the masters. First the infantry

And here the light guys

And talking about British unfiorms - The Schillings casted a Commandset of Hanoverians for Waterloo. Ingo Gohlke sculpted it.