Dienstag, 30. Juli 2013

Details of the SYW army - The Austrians

Not part of the collection we got, but Alfreds own painted ones.

My favourites are the Grenzers. Beside Bataillenfeur 20mm figures and two poses from Minifigs S-range I know no manufactor who made SYW Grenzers so far.

Maybe an idea for the own production? What do you think?

Uniforms like this would be very colourful on each diorama or wargaming table in my eyes

But now to the collection.

Montag, 29. Juli 2013

Photos from our workbench - the rooms

Today Andy sent me photos of his renovation. Last time I visited him his old garage looked like - well, sorry - a ruin..... Now here are the new rooms in which will come the shop, the casting machines and everything we need to let the shop run.  The first photo looks like the beginning of a bar, so my favourite:-))

When all this work has been done we will start with a much faster production, having already several figures from other collectors who asked us to cast and sell the figures for them through the shop.


Now we are at 15 Schutztruppe figures

Hi guys,

in the meantime we have 15 German Schutztruppe for the 1904 Herero uprising up to 1914 in the production. The figures will be for sell at the Kulmbach figure-fair in two weeks. Can't wait to get there again after two years. In my eyes one of the best fairs in Germany.

Massimo will make now some Herero warriors to fight them too and the range will get bigger within the year
with artillery, cavalry, camelry etc.

The first poses are already in the shop at http://www.hagen-miniatures.de/index.php/en/produkte/category/view/83

In the backround you can see our 1870 Bavarians and Prussians and at the left two French infantry for Fontenoi 1745.

Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Details of the SYW army - The Prussians

For those of you interested here are close ups of the Prussians

Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

Charge of the light brigade for SALE

Some of you may have seen these figures in the old Strelets-forum or elsewhere.

In the meantime Massimo painted and converted 110 figures for the charge of the light Brigade and now
he wants to sell the whole unit.

What do you think it is worth?  I would ask your for your oppinion!

I am really thinking about taking over the whole stuff as it is already more then 15% of the real strength. To paint just around 550 more of then would not be too difficult and I would put mine in the backround of the diorama:-)  An I already have so many Strelets and Emhar figures in the boxes at home.

In my dreams I can already see the British riding down the valley......