Sonntag, 25. März 2012

News from Hungary

As John has already posted the photos on his blog, here I want to show the photos of some great Turkish and Hungarian cavalrymen too.

These figures are sculpted by  Zsolt Schäfer and painted by Krisztian Takacs. The figures are in metal and ready to sell. And before anyone asks - of course scale 1:72!!

The figures are made for a great diorama about the siege of Belgrad in the 15th century. A Hungarian Hussar and a Turkish Spahi.

Enjoy the photos. And in case you want to buy some, send me a mail and I can arrange things with my Hungarian friends.

There is always need for some casualties

When we build our dioramas we always had the problem that we had not enough casualties. A battlefield without dead and wounded is not the reality of war. And I always want to show the hard truth of history.

In the old days we had the usual casualty figure in the old Airfix set and even Esci had some interesting figures. As for modern manufactors these poses are rare. Ok, the exception was the Imex Korean war range with around 12-15 dead Chinese and North Koreans and no US or South Koreans:-))

A manufactor who concentrated on casualties over the last years is Ykreol. You get sets of 8 dead figures for 7 Euro which is a little bit too hard.  

Painted they look not too bad. See what I got here from Thomas Mischak. These guys are no on his great Waterloo diorama.

Sonntag, 18. März 2012

News from Hank's Silistra project

Hank is still busy to work after his 1853 Kalafat diorama on the Russian siege of Silistra 1854. It is really surprising what stuff and information he digs up for this project.

See here the latest photos I got:

Kalafat is a German style town as after the Austro-Turkish war of 1788-91 a lot of German settlers were sent into this area by the Austrian Kaiser. 

 This mortars are impressing! The two figures beside are two S-Range Turkish and Syrian infantry from old John. If you are interested in some, send him a mail or visit his blog
 And here Hank painted 270 (!!) of my own production Egyptian cavalry.

 I like this bridge!
 Again really impressing Hank!

Modelfair in Schleißheim near Munich

this weekend we had the rare occassion that a hobbyfair was just an hour with the car away from my home.
In Schleißheim we have a great castle with a lot of paintings from the turkish wars of the 1690ies. But beside this castle we have an airforce museum. A lot of jets, helicopters, etc. on show. But this weekend a model-exhibition and fair too.

Well most airplaines and ships in different scales but som  good between. See here some of the small vignettes which were on show. Of course all 1/72!


Of course my favourite as it was the only one which shows a historical subject before 1914 - a Viking raid

Not 1/72 but 1/100 - one of the first steamships (if not the first) 1837 in the English channel

German airplanes on train transport in Turkey 1914

"Wireless" information in 1915


And a British tank having a problem...

Dienstag, 13. März 2012

From the old days

Years ago Frank Germershaus produced and sold via Kai Fuhrmann some figures from his old production.
These figures are rare as he never produced them in bigger numbers for the public.

Here are some photos of an extrem rare vehicle which was available from Kai in these days. Napoleons coach.

Even years ago this coach was at 50 Euro. Today I guess it is not for sale anymore. So a treasure of each collection.

Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Jacklex Mexican 1917 range

If you talke a look at my linklist, I have posted some lesser known manufactors or sellers there.
For example Spencer Smith is now th owner of th good old Jacklex range. Two years ago John sent me some photos from Black Jacks campaign in Mexiko to hunt down Pancho Villa.

I asked him who made the conversions and he told me Jacklex himself. the never produced Pancho-Villa range. And soon after it appeared on the shop. So my Airfix US infantry and the Raventhorpe figures of my collection needed a big reinforcement:-) And the prices are really cheap in my eyes.

Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

Aliwal painted

And now the finished photos of Massimos latest project.

I found one fault - the lancers broke a square and lost a lot of their own people. So Massimo next time give the Sikhs a chance and bring down a few of this damned lancers (to speak like Sharpe)