Montag, 27. Mai 2019

Battle of Tanga 1914

Stefan Meyer sent me photos of his latest project. Great diorama with some historical liberties as I am used from him:-)

Great ideas and I like the landscape. One day, this is a project for me too...

Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2019

A new project 1853-1879

You may have heard about the Solferino project my mate Patrick has in mind for a diorama. The last two years Massimo also sculpted figures for this.

Now he has openend his own shop at These figures are finally for sale there and also from Massimo directly.

We also found it a good idea to join forces for this idea and increase the range. Our project has a limited focus, the 30 years of 1848-1878 in Europe. It means we cover the following wars:

1848 Uprisings in Europe (Italy, Hungary, Poland, Schleswig).
1853 Crimean war
1859 Risorgimento
1860 Garibaldi against Naples
1864 Danish war
1866 German Civil war
1870 Franco-Prussian war
1878 Russo-Turkish war

We start slow with the Risorgimento and the Franco Prussian war now. When Solferino is complete, we will add the Crimean war (you already can use the French for it).

Figures for this wars are also available from Hagen Miniatures. This is "simply" a special project for our future diorama ideas.

See here some photos of the latest figures for these ranges. Austrian Jägers in 1859 and Prussian Cuirassiers for 1870.

I sent Massimo this painting which is in the Tirolean Kaiserjäger-museum in Innsbruck.

And here three Prussian Cuirassiers for the death ride of Bredow's brigade at Mars La tour. More will follow, as will the Prussian Ulans. The French line and artillery is already available. I think this would be a very nice diorama.